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How much does this cost?

Free.Ninety.Free. Nada. Zilch. Free Forever. This is a project built by a retired software developer just looking to share a tool.

Do my ward members need to download an app or create users?

No. When you share the app via a link on facebook or email, or when visitors scan a QR code you place in the building, they are directed to a web page in their phone/tablet/computer's browser. They do not need to download the app or create an account.

Users can download the app if they want in order to have a more seamless experience and to save their ward for easy reference, but it is not required.

Link Example

I'm nervous about posting ward business on this app...

This app was designed by a member of the bishopric who shares your concern. Ward business is only viewable by users who you specifically grant the permission to see it, it is hidden by default.

How do you recommend telling our members how to use this?

In my ward, we send out an email each week with a link to the program.

I also used the QR Instructions tool in the app to create a QR Code Poster. Then I took that PDF to FedEx Print and they printed it out, mounted it on foam board, and even attached a sticky cardboard easel to the back. The result was VERY professional. We put that on each side of our chapel so visitors can quickly scan the code. Here's what it looks like:

Printed QR Instructions Example

Will this work for Baptisms, Stake Conference, etc...?

Yes! WardBullet was designed with flexibility in mind. Use for any event which has an agenda.

While it is possible to use for leadership meetings/ward council, often those meetings require lots of note-taking, which is not a target or ideal experience on WardBullet.

What if I'm not ready to go paperless?

No problem. WardBullet still provides tremendous value. The idea was originally conceived because my wife was called as the Ward Bulletin specialist. She spent a lot of time hassling with Word documents, converting to PDFs to email and print, as well as the constant last minute updates and tweaks. You can use this app to create and edit a program and then easily print or export to PDF with just a few taps.

Printable PDF Example

Still have a question or want to request a feature or update? Please feel free to reach out. Please note that this is a free project and is based on availability of extra time available to a father of 4.

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